Thursday, September 07, 2006


my best friend joined the navy and didn't tell me. i got over that; it wasn't the first time he didn't tell me something. but he just left for 6-18 months. he's apparently now living in virginia. you see, he was on a two week leave.

and he didn't call me once.

how messed up is that?

i don't know if i'm mad, sad, or any emotion.

i just am.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sometimes i'm disappointed

i don't remember the first time that i met mark. apparently he does though, and here is what he has told me:

it was at preschool (you see, me and mark first met each other at the orangewood adventist academy preschool, i remember that much). i, for some reason, had taken basketball cards to school with me. i still don't understand why i would even have basketball cards with me, i have always hated basketball. but, for whatever reason, i had basketball cards.

i don't know if i walked up to him, or if he walked up to me, but i asked him who he liked better; larry bird or michael jordan. mark has told me that he answered michael jordan, there's nothing special about that, but he's told me that he didn't know who either of them were, he just thought that michael jordan was white.

me and mark grew up together. we both went to the same preschool, we continued on in the same elementary (acutally, it was the technically the same school). friends were lost here and there, but me and mark remained good friends. most of what i remember from elementary was that he hung out with his little brother and cousin a lot and i hung out with richard and matt and manny a lot. matt left in the sixth grade, but everyone else moved on to junior high.

once junior high rolled around me and mark got a lot closer. luis joined our group, as well as little danny arsenault. *sidenote* i remember danny telling us how he got in trouble at his last school for selling knives. i aslo remember when my tia liz had to help him put his contacts in at our first junior high choir festival. the big thing that we started doing was skateboarding. i had started in the sixth grade, when i idolized timmy stuart. so i got a board of mine and mark, his cousin and brother, danny, luis and i all started skating together. we bought memberships at the vans skatepark, we skated to my house after school, we skated at school, we went to each other's houses (mainly me and mark). we just had a good time. after eight grade things changed a little. danny became one of the cool guys. luis left. brandon, mark's cousin, stopped skating. so it was just me, mark and jeffy (and john (and later, chaston (and sammy))). me and mark would spend a lot of time at each other's houses, although i never went to his dad's house until i could drive.

our freshman year mark still went to orangewood with me. that was our golden year. we would eat french fries for lunch, we could wear t-shirts (a big thing at oaa, who later went to uniforms) and all of our friends were there. we'd still skate to each other's houses after school, and by this time we had more friends that skated. i spent a lot more time at mark's mom's house in cerritos. our sophomore year mark left and went to canyon high, and i became a loner. i had no one to hang out with, all my friends had left orangewood. i occupied my time with reading books continuosly throughout the day. i still skated, however. me and mark still stayed close friends. he came over to play the drums and so we could just skate around. we'd always make fun of how jeffy couldn't skate or play any instruments.

time rolled on until our senior year. mark decided to come back to orangewood and finish his highschool career with me. i was thrilled. sure, i had spent some decent time with him when we were in a band together (, but going to school together would be better. on the first day of school i dropped a bomb. i was going to be a daddy. he was the first person i told, because he was my closest friend. it was a whirlwind year, but i had a good time because, i was a loner no more, now mark was back.

once graduation happened i knew what i was doing, but i don't think mark did. he was taking classes at community college since before we graduated, but i don't know if his heart was into it. his dad's always given him a hard time, i don't really like it, but that's the way it is. i tried to get mark to come and work with me at my job. both him and my sister would have been hired, but my sister couldn't make it the day of the orientation and mark just didn't show up. i looked completely stupid. i don't even remember how i found out, wait.... i do remember.

someone else told me that my best friend had joined the navy.

so i confronted him and he told me. he's now been gone for some time, but he's back on leave. apparently he got back wednesday the 23rd. i called him for the first time thursday night, on my way back from work. no answer. so i waited and called him later. i called him about thirty times i'd say. more like 10. he didn't answer until i called him from my work phone. once i talked to him i found out that he was planning on surprising me by being at my house when i got home from work. once i found out i told my wife that i would bet her $5 that he wouldn't show. he didn't. but he had a good reason. so, now it's tuesday night, the next week and mark still hasn't called me. i think he's leaving on thursday. i would be most unpleased if he hung out with my little sister's friend and not me. but that's just mark for you....

Monday, August 07, 2006


so here's the deal:
i started a new job.
i ended my old job.
but i didn't change companies.
i did transfer from santa ana to rancho cucamonga, though.
the new store is not even finished being built. but it is supposed to work out. rancho is set to open it's doors to the public on september 13, 2006. mark your calendars and be there. i will be working that day, guaranteed. the store is supposed to be finished being built on august 20th and the trucks bringing merchandise are supposed to start coming in the following day, or so i gather. that gives the stock guys mostly (and some sales staff) some time to get the merchandise in the store. after that we get two weeks of putting the merch on the sales floor. kassie from main place told me that store openings are "fabulous." well, i hope so.

i started at crate & barrel in october/november 2004. that was at the main place store, #504. i started out being a part-time stock room associate. it was a good time. when the seasonal period ended they asked me to stay with the company. turns out that every one in the stock room but one full time person and two part-time quit/got fired. so i was more than happy to stay. i needed a job to put money away for my child that was on the way. my school work suffered accordingly, though.

once i finished high school i got accepted to a college that was affiliated with my private, denomonational school. that blessed college was la sierra university. i have since learned that this school, in fact, is not blessed at hall, but rather a royal pain. but that's another story. i moved from garden grove and being right down the street from work to 40+ miles away in riverside. the drive wasn't pleasant, but i was told that a store was going to open very soon out in the inland empire. i decided to stick it out.

well, the school year started and ended and i was still working at main place. it was sort of nice, because it gave us an excuse to go and see our parents/grandparents/sisters/brothers/nephews/nieces and so forth, but at the same time, gas was getting to be expensive. once the date of the new store opening was set in stone i knew that it was a good thing sticking with crate & barrel, though.

which brings me to today...

...orientation. today i made my first visit to victoria gardens in lovely rancho cucamonga. it really is quite nice. the session was long and a little dry at times, but it was a good chance to meet the people that i'm going to be working with. some people were nice, some were stand offish and some were just plain rude. but we'll see how things work out once the ball actually starts rolling....

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

boo! crevier bmw is a load of crap. yes they are. on the interweb everyone said (and we both know that no liars are allowed on the web) that any bmw dealer would get the serial number of your radio for free. i just called crevier bmw and they said they would charge $135. i don't have $135!!! i don't have any $$$. being poor sucks.

on another note, i have a take home test on friday. for my health class. i missed one chapter summary, so i tried to turn in two different summaries right now. i wonder how that will go. i also turned in an extra credit assignment. big ups!!

i think i've come up with a name for the 325i. actually, i have no idea. i really don't. i didn't have time to think about it last night. i stayed up late doing homework (as opposed to staying up late playing video games). my internet is down, so i can't play halo. i'm bummin'!!

anyway, i got to go, we're talking about sex.

don't worry, it's health class...

So, i just got this new thing, Journler. i've heard it referenced elsewhere and i found it today on the apple website while i was waiting for a few things to finish downloading so i could get away. much has happened in the world of nick. so, first off, our car broke down. me and bubble were in the car, driving back from my new workplace. on the 91 our car started smoking. the radiator had crapped out. so we had to borrow my little sister's car and use that until we could fix our truck. it took a lot longer than we expected, but my sister was very generous and let us borrow it for a while. that was very helpful. it took a couple of weeks, but we got the car repaired. it set us back a little bit, though. so a couple of days after we repaired the truck my sister sent me a text message that told me to call my parents. when i called i learned that my uncle wanted to give us his old car, a 1991 bmw 325i. i called him up and asked about it and he dropped it off the next day. incredible. now am in love with this adorable little car. i really do love it. so we drove down to my parent's house on saturday, after going to the beach. on trask it started smoking. i thought, "oh crap, it's the radiator." so i look under the hood, and it was the radiator. shoot. turns out it was just a tube that had come off the main block. it was fixed by my pops the next day while i was at work. so now the little car works just fine. one problem, though. the radio has an anti-theft ability and it won't let me turn it on unless i put in the right code. you only have three chances and if you don't get it right you have to leave the radio on for an hour before you can try it again. the problem is i have three different codes and i don't know which one is right. we left the radio on for and hour and i tried to put in the codes and none of them worked. tomorrow i'm going to call a dealer and see if they can help me out. let's hope so.

i don't know if this is weird, actually, i know that this is weird, but i name my cars. that is, i named my only previous car, so i thought that i should come up with a name for this new one. i wonder what i shall name it.....

Thursday, May 18, 2006

open letter to zapeda

i'm sorry it's been so long, i really am...
here's the deal:
me and my sister wrote created a letter that we were gonna send right after jeffrey posted your address on his myspace page.
it took time to make it and we were going to send it out that day, but i left for work and it never got sent.
i think that letter should be along with this one.
how are things?
did he really?!?!?!
oh, well look at this:

evan turned one not too long ago.
we had his birthday party last sunday, on may 7.
we didn't have the money to have the party sooner.
...and we didn't send out the invitations soon enough.
so, never called me before you left.
i know things must've been busy, but you said you'd call me in a couple of hours.
i don't want to sound like an irritating girl, but it kinda hurt.
that might have been why i took so long to actually write.
who knows...
i'm kinda out of it right now.
you know, life being rough and all.
so my first quarter of college was not completed satisfactorily.
that being said, i now have to go to a "learning support center" for five hours and study there by myself once a week.
that's where i am now.
for the past couple of days i've been going to school in the morning, going home to eat a salad and change evan's diaper, then go to work, get home at ten thrity, do homework and play halo, then go to sleep and start over.
i'm so tired.
and out of it.

anyway...i don't want to complain.
you're probably stressed right now.
i heard that you got to talk to jarad and the bro's.
that's cool.
jarad's mom told me about and she sounded excited about it, it was pretty funny.
we went camping a couple of weekends ago.
evan had a ton of fun in the sun with a gun on the run shouting puns, acting dumb.
i got the flows, son.
we went to lake skinner with the pathfinders.
my parents are the county coordinator for orange county and they want to stop doing it.
it would seem that me and nicole are going to take over their operations next year, with their help, of course.
the day we left orangewood had a musical program with "cool, scene" bands playing.
everyone i've heard from has said that it was good, but it was at orangewood, so it probably sucked.
if you get your pay over there and having nothing to spend it on i found some hip new bands!:
versus the mirror - i saw them play with portugal. the man before you left. they just came out with a new cd and they rip.
the fall of troy - i told you about them before you left, but i don't think you ever heard them. their guitarist / vocalist rips.
norma jean - i've listened to them for a long time, but i just started listening to their newer album i bought about half a year ago. it rips.
charlottefield - they're a british hardcore/jazz/jam/groovy/noise/spazz band. they rip.
now, know that these are not the only bands that rip, but they rip hard.
brother, it's not the same without you.
i know that you never came over when you were here, [pauses] but at least you were in the area.
i'm somewhat down and i can't talk to you.
how long are you gone?
boot camp and all that spit?
oh, yeh, if you want to write back (and you do want to write back) our address is:

riverside, ca 92505

ok, funky bunch, one last thing...
if you ever need anyone to keep you company when you flee to canada because you're AWOL let us know and we shall flee with you and establish a small chinese/morrocan restaurant based on close, established relationships with our patrons where nicole can work the front of the house you and me can cook and evan can serve the dishes and we'd be millionaires and we'd retire at twenty-eight/twenty-six/twenty-seven/nine, respectively, and buy eight houses in tokyo, paris, hong kong, vancouver, toronto, hamburg, london and manila and live out the rest of our many days shopping/making fun of the french/shooting airsoft/skiing/watching hockey/eating (veggie)bratwurst/driving on the wrong side of the road/manillin' and loving life.
just let us know.
i've already got a business model....


Saturday, May 06, 2006

it's official!!! haha...

it's official!!! haha...
Originally uploaded by myouthinasia.
it's official.
not that it ever wasn't.
i love my bubs.
i think i need to go to sleep.


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Friday, April 28, 2006