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Monday, April 24, 2006

the high life

saturday was one of the best days of my life. me and my family went to church (we go on saturday because we're seventh-day adventists) and ate at potluck. my wife wasn't feeling well, so went home instead of staying and visiting with our families. nickle wasn't feeling well, so she went to bed. bubbles was tired so i tried to put him down for a nap. he fell asleep during the car rider home, but he wasn't having it.
so i picked him up and we went into the living room. for the next four hours or so we did nothing but play. it's been a long time since i've had that much fun. we played with some wooden blocks from my work, his soft books and various roll around toys that he has. the time flew. he would crawl away from me and i would chase him. i would crawl away and he would scramble after me. when he would catch me (he always would because he's quick!) he would crawl onto my belly and pronounce to the world that he conquered daddy!!!

"I am Champion!!!!" he would say.

he is the champion. over this last week i've been able to play more with him, and it's just what i need. i've been stressed, but playing with bubs makes me relax a little. i love my bubs.

on a side note:
my ecto trial demo is running out!!! only five more days left! what am i going to do? i don't have the money right now to get it! (account=$0.00, wallet=$0.00) but i get paid on friday. ecto is so-so. i did, however, fall in love with endo. endo is a feed reader, like NetNewsWire. i downloaded a bunch demos one day because i figured that it would make my time on the internet lessen, which would be a good thing. i tried them all and liked a couple, endo being my favorite. the demo said that it lasted 30 days, or at least it was supposed to. i've had ecto for a couple weeks and it's supposed to last 15 days; it's still going. i got endo last week and it's supposed to last 30 days, it pooped out last night. that sucks. i've been wanting to get some serial numbers, but like i said, i don't have the money. i'll ask nickle what she thinks about it. if you buy one you get the other one half off, it's quite a deal. i also have the app 1001 written by the same person and it's quite good as well. 1001 is for flickr, it uploads photos and adds tags and batch edits and stuff. if i got endo and ecto i'd line them up next to 1001 on my dock. it would look superb.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

rest in peace pt2

now that i was in i was flying free. i could talk to my friends about music now. i knew what they were talking about. we made a swapped mixtapes of our favorite bands. times were good. up until i was in the eighth grade i listened to nothing but ska and punk and variations of the two genres. first thing i listened to ska, nothing but ska, third wave like reel big fish, jeffries fan club, the hippos. most of my friends didn't like it, but i LOVED it. then is started getting into the seriously good ska, second wave and two tone like hepcat, the slackers, madness, and a lot of stuff coming out of the now defunct record company Moon Ska NYC.

gradually i started getting more and more into punk. i started listening to a lot of epitaph stuff; NoFX, bad religion, all, blah, blah. then i started to get into harder punk, actual punk. for a while i was listening to "screw the government, screw the upper class, screw you" punk. i loved it because it had a message, it was meaningful, it had emotion. some of the more notable bands i listened to were a global threat, choking victim, morning glory, narcoleptic youth, union 13. then i found Crass. now, i still listen to this band, for different reasons. these peace punks from the seventies gave me a reason to hate overrated bands from the same era, like the Sex Pistols and the Clash, although the Clash was better. listening to Crass made me want to do something, it made me want to change the way things work, bump the system.

by this time i was in high school, in the eleventh grade. most of the friends that i had when i first started listening to music had left my school. all except for one, the friend that had first gotten me into ska in the first place. at this point in time my girlfriend told me about a new radio station, Indie 103.1. i gave it a listen, mostly on the way to a college class that i was taking. while listening to it i first heard the wonder and splendor that was cursive. i needed to listen to more. so i bought their new album, the ugly organ. it was fantastic. the thing was, no one i know had ever heard about them. around this time i started to get more into post-hardcore, emotional and hardcore stuff. like at the drive-in, anatomy of a ghost, norma jean, etc. the thing is that my friend did not follow in my interest.

so i went on a trip, around the country. the trip took a month. it was a long trip. my friend didn't come along with us, although he had the opportunity, if he had wanted to. the trip, like i said, was long, but we made it through. when i came back, however my friend didn't really want anything to do with me. he had made other friends... whatever.

so now, we haven't talked in almost half a year, i'd say. whenever i call him he doesn't answer, when he calls i don't answer. our relationship kind of broke down. it's sad, that is it makes me sad. come back little buddha. and quit smoking. it's bad for you.

rest in peace

i didn't listen to music until i was in the fifth grade.
my grandma bought me a cd player, which i thought was really nice, even though i didn't have any cds. so i thought, "i NEED to get cds!" so the next time i was at Costco with my mom i told her that i needed to get some cds."PLEASE, MOMMY!" she told me to go and pick something out and if she approved then she would get it for me. i was thrilled. i ran to the cds and picked out what i thought was going to be a killer set of music. when i gave it to her she wasn't quite as positive as i was, but she approved and she purchased them for me. guess what they were. it was a ten pack of classical music by the classics. Bach, Schubert, Mozart, Beethoven. it was a little weird for a fifth grader to pick out, i think.

so that was my taste in music up until that point. i really had none. i liked the music that my parents listened to while we were in the car and such. and i still like it, actually. i just didn't know what it was then. now i know it was the Beatles and Beach Boys and the Who and blah blah blah...

i guess i got the classical music cds before the fifth grade. it must have been fourth or third, maybe. because in the fifth grade i saw a sticker on my friend's school binder. several stickers. some said Operation Ivy and Ska and The Bruce Lee Band. i wanted to know what they meant. he told me that ska was a type of music and that the other names were ska bands.

i wanted to hear ska. so i went to the only place that i knew music was sold; the christian book store. i picked up this completely wack ska cd that wasn't even a band. i'm not sure, but i'm told that ska was pretty popular around then, and it seems that some christian corporate big shot was trying to ride the train. the cd was called SKA 98. that's it. no band name, no cd name, just SKA 98. it was a little disappointing.

i told my friend about the cd and he asked me who it was by. was it good? was it two tone or third wave? i didn't know what to say... i felt bad about getting the music and thought that i had failed and embarrassed myself. he was cool about it, though. a couple months later i got two cds; Operation Ivy's Energy and Punk-O-Rama Vol. 3. they both changed my life, not eventually, but they did immediately change my taste in music. i told my friend that i got OpIv's cd and he was impressed. i was in, i was part of the group!

Monday, April 17, 2006

snowy field

snowy field
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my church took a trip up the mountains for the weekend. it psuedo snowed. this was the result.

at stater bros

at stater bros
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Wrapped like a burrito

Friday, April 14, 2006

this class is annoying

so what?
i screwed up, i know that.
i'm retaking a class. it's not a fun class, but i'm retaking it.
the first quarter i took it i got a c minus. for me to get credit towards my major i needed to get a c. so very annoying. this time i actually am doing all of the work and studying to do well for the tests. i'm getting an a to cancel out the c minus and, hopefully, bring up my gpa a good deal.

but i digress.

last time i took this class i took it in the big lecture building at my school, cossentine hall. this time it's more last time i sat behind this annoying, boisterous, black woman. nothing, against black people, just stuff against this black woman. she thought everything the teacher said was funny, and she made a point in letting the whole class know through her god awful laugh.

"WHARGH WHAGH WHAH!" she would say.

it annoyed me to no end. no end....

this time around i was feeling good because i knew the material, the professor was a fun guy and there would be NO ANNOYING, BOISTEROUS, BLACK WOMAN!

so i went to my first class and took my usual seat (the very back row, in a corner seat) and turned on my powerbook to see if i get any internet in here (it's spotchy). while i was doing stuff on my book i notice someone sit in the very chair in front of me. it was this:

no, it's not the same woman, but i swear, it is her twin. her laugh is not as annoying, but she laughs more. i don't know what is worse. oh and this one talks to me. that's annoying too. DON'T TALK TO ME! please! when i took that picture she said, "oh, are you taking pictures now?" hmm? are you?!?!?!?! yes! i am! what of it?!?!


professor hedrick is beginning to lecture, i should go....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

music and me

i play guitar.
i play drums.i'm farily confident in playing both of these. if i have a little bit of practice it's usually enough for me to be comfortable. i think i like to play the drums better and am more comfortable, but it seems that i play the guitar in public more. so, that being said, i don't play the bass. i guess it's somewhat like the guitar and to play the basics is basicaly easy. but i'd never really touched it. i have one that i got for my birthday one year, but i don't really play. get the point? so the youth pastor, so to speak, wanted me to play the bass for their "praise team." i had a week to learn the songs. the thing is, i couldn't practice by myself. the bass is more rythm, not usually taking the melody. so this saturday i'm playing again. this time we're playing two harder songs, so i wanted to practice. so my hero, perry, steps in. i asked my mom to play the songs that we are playing on the piano, so that i could record her and practice along with that track. i used ableton live, a program on my mac that i got from a friend. it worked flawlessly. pure goodness. so now i can practice in peace.

you know, i've tried to make music for a long time, now. i think i'm just not good at it. i bought a four track recording device several years ago. i had a gutiar, a mic, and a drum kit. i think the stuff i recored then was actually better than the stuff that i do now. that sucks. the other night i spent a long, long time working on one song, and after i finished i listened to it sucked.

plain and simple, it sucked.


Thursday, April 06, 2006


not pleasant. not pleasant at all. ok, so my grades weren't that hot my first term. they were better last term, but they're still not quite what i'm used to getting. but because of my poor academic standing my lovely school put me on an academic hold. i'm off of the hold now, but i had to pull some strings to get out of it. not really pull strings, but talk to deans and advisors and whatnot. so one of the conditions of me getting off of the hold was to sign a contract with the dean of my college, the college of arts and sciences. i need to attend the learning and support center for five hours a week. this sucks. not only because i need as much time as i can to work, and now i have to stress out about completeing these hours every week, but it also sucks because of what i'm doing there. today was my first day there and i sat in a room... that's it. i finished my homework in a matter of minutes, at least what i could do there (there was no internet connection for perry (my powerbook)). so i studied. that was boring. but i guess it's necessary. i went to the dean's office before i went to the learning center and asked what i needed to do there. they have tutors available for a wide range of subjects, very wide range, so i didn't know what subject to be tutored in. so when i asked they checked on the computer and turns out i need to sign in on the computer, go into a room and study by myself.

for five hours.

this is going to be a long quarter.

after i studied i got on my computer and cleaned up my iPhoto. it was weird; i was deleting pictures, but the used space on my hard drive was going up. it fixed itself when i restarted my computer right now, but it was weird anyhoo. i got to leave, i have ten minutes to get to my physics lab. i went to the bathroom at 530 because i couldn't hold it in anymore. i couldn't find a bathroom in the learning center, so i had to sign out and leave the place. by the time i finished up it wasn't worth it to sign back in, study for 10 minutes and then sign out again. so i went out in front of the building and decided to blog. but i'm leaving now. i'm looking forward to the lab. i hated my bio lab last quarter, but this professor really enjoys his job and it shows and comes through in his teaching. beside, i like physics better than anatomy and physiology.

all is well that ends well.

so, rest in peace, Oh, The Poop Flies
it was a good run, while we had it, wasn't it? i had a good time, at least.
i guess your wondering why i cancelled it. maybe you aren't. maybe you're the only one reading this, nicole.
i'm not too savy with the html, i really am not. i'm good with copying codes from other websites or viewing the source good from a website to try and look and see just how they do it. i'm not so good with actually doing it for myself. so i tried to mess around with my layout and it didn't work. i think i sort of messed it up. so i figured i'd just delete it and start a new one. i hadn't really posted anything in a long time, so it didn't really matter. my audience of three never checked there anymore, so what was the point in keeping it going? i've never really been into keeping journals or anything. yeh, i've tried, but by the end of a couple months i have a "good as new" notebook with a few sentences on the first page and several drawings on the next few. i just run out of words. but with my new plan in place i think i should have a little more free time.

new plan? you ask.

yes, a new plan. i plan on doing my homework the second i get home and finishing it up real quick like. i only have one class that should have any outside group work, so that doesn't take too long. beside that one class i don't have much else. physics lab, but that should be fun. with all of the homework done i should have more time to play with ev, to hang out with nickle and to laze about. and study. i'll study a bunch. a lot a lot.

ok. i'm done going to the bathroom now, so i'll finish up with this verbal defecation too. i'll post more and better, i promise.



i just got sick of it...

i deleted my old blog.
i didn't like the feel of it, so i just straight deleted.
i don't feel like writing much right now, i've got school in the morning and should go to sleep.
so let me go right now.
i'll write more during Dimensions of Health.
it's the bomb-diggity-dog.
good night.