Monday, April 24, 2006

the high life

saturday was one of the best days of my life. me and my family went to church (we go on saturday because we're seventh-day adventists) and ate at potluck. my wife wasn't feeling well, so went home instead of staying and visiting with our families. nickle wasn't feeling well, so she went to bed. bubbles was tired so i tried to put him down for a nap. he fell asleep during the car rider home, but he wasn't having it.
so i picked him up and we went into the living room. for the next four hours or so we did nothing but play. it's been a long time since i've had that much fun. we played with some wooden blocks from my work, his soft books and various roll around toys that he has. the time flew. he would crawl away from me and i would chase him. i would crawl away and he would scramble after me. when he would catch me (he always would because he's quick!) he would crawl onto my belly and pronounce to the world that he conquered daddy!!!

"I am Champion!!!!" he would say.

he is the champion. over this last week i've been able to play more with him, and it's just what i need. i've been stressed, but playing with bubs makes me relax a little. i love my bubs.

on a side note:
my ecto trial demo is running out!!! only five more days left! what am i going to do? i don't have the money right now to get it! (account=$0.00, wallet=$0.00) but i get paid on friday. ecto is so-so. i did, however, fall in love with endo. endo is a feed reader, like NetNewsWire. i downloaded a bunch demos one day because i figured that it would make my time on the internet lessen, which would be a good thing. i tried them all and liked a couple, endo being my favorite. the demo said that it lasted 30 days, or at least it was supposed to. i've had ecto for a couple weeks and it's supposed to last 15 days; it's still going. i got endo last week and it's supposed to last 30 days, it pooped out last night. that sucks. i've been wanting to get some serial numbers, but like i said, i don't have the money. i'll ask nickle what she thinks about it. if you buy one you get the other one half off, it's quite a deal. i also have the app 1001 written by the same person and it's quite good as well. 1001 is for flickr, it uploads photos and adds tags and batch edits and stuff. if i got endo and ecto i'd line them up next to 1001 on my dock. it would look superb.


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